“My grandmother used to live all by herself, so my sister & I stayed with her till my 8th grade. When apa retired from the army, the family left for our hometown. But I had to stay back to complete my studies. That was also my first time in a boarding school & it was fun as well as difficult to cope with. I learned to be independent & cherish my mother’s Azey.

During winter break, I was working temporary jobs & even volunteered in bridge constructions. It was at that time when the exam results were out & my marks were not good enough for college. With the money I earned, I decided to study again. Letting my family down, it was also my life’s lowest moment.

Putting in extra effort this time, I was overwhelmed with joy & pride when I topped the exam. I was also awarded Nu 15,000 for academic excellence. With a background in Arts, I joined Gedu college of business studies. Worried about how I’d fare there, I combined dedication with enthusiasm, & managed to do well in my finance course. I was also motivated by seniors to take up leadership roles & my passion for extracurricular activities grew from there. Still, I continued doing temporary jobs during my breaks. It entailed waking early in the morning when it was freezing cold & working under the blazing sun.

Even though I wanted to participate in winter programs, it was my choice to work. Before college starts, my friends & I’d rejoice at the fact that our hard earned money lets us buy anything we need. The cash always ran out & of all things, the value of money was what I learned the most. While preparing for RCSC, I was able to get a job at TashiCell.

My job keeps me active & striving for more. I feel that those who struggle are the ones who do well in life. Even my friends who worked part-time with me have good lives. Working in a private organization gives you satisfaction & a sense of being rewarded based on how well you perform. And for me, working hard is the only way to secure that.”

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