“Listening to my elders’ college stories had me excited about going to college years before I had to. But I was a troublesome kid. I went against parents and teachers, got into fights and tried alcohol. I wasn’t particularly talented either. I soon realised that the only way to make something out of myself would be to work hard and fight against my lack of interest in studies. I tried my best in class 12 but it was not good enough to get me into college. After 6 months of confusion, my parents enrolled me in a private school so I could reappear for my exams. I was anxious and not confident about my performance. But then I got the call from RUB. They said there was a place for me at Sherubtse. I’d heard so much about the college that knowing I would study there felt like a dream.

The first thing I did in college was take part in an intense dance competition between freshers. Sometimes, we would have to cross dress if girls were required in our performances. But I got chosen as a male dancer. We practiced a lot. The top three hostels were to receive cash prizes and the last hostel would receive three pumpkins. Despite our efforts, we received the three pumpkins at the end. It was a humiliation for us but we had a nice pumpkin party with it as the main course that night. Life in college also included a girl. I felt like she could have been the one but we never got into a relationship. We were one of the famously known ‘walk partners’ in college. She was clever in finding balance in life, but I was drunk in search of love. So I was devastated when she ended whatever it was that we had. As time passed, I moved on and set eyes on new opportunities I had before me. I served as a Resident Leader. This made me a better person. I had a good relationship with my hostel mates and juniors.

My story is nowhere near complete. I’ve been a misguided kid with some regrets like everyone. I’ve also been trying to make up for things as much as I can. My dream to go to college has gotten me here now – waiting to appear for the Civil Service examinations. I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know that I’ll never give up.”


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