“Since 6th grade, all I wanted to become was an astronaut. When my dad went to the US for a project, we tagged along. Believing that it would feed my passion, dad took me to a museum that had a planetarium. But I’d fallen asleep there, convincing both of us that astronomy was not my thing. When Dad asked again what I wanted to become, I had no idea why but I replied, ‘Coding’. He said that I’d have to teach myself.

The next day, I started learning HTML and after a month, became genuinely interested. It gave me comfort and solace. Every day after school, I’d rush home to learn to code. It was challenging at first; Googling for answers and using platforms such as StackOverflow to get the doubts cleared, coding got easier.
After learning HTML and CSS on my own, my first project was an attempt to build the RCSE website from scratch by coding. Seeing the end product motivated me further.

Around the same time, I also got interested in ‘environment’ and as part of a post-camp project, I formed the group, youth for environment. I was at my dad’s office when the news was broken to me. As a reward for the best post-camper project, I was appointed as the Youth Ambassador for WWF Bhutan. Opportunities as moderator, panelist, and many more kept coming my way. Learning a lot about the environment, I also picked up other soft skills such as public speaking and fluency in English. I also made some pocket money.

Our organization is made up of minors, and our applications for grants always get rejected. Nonetheless, we are working hard to make a mark. I think we are never too young or old to strive towards our goals and to make a difference. Age is just a number.”

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