“I lost my 3 month old son to heart disease a few years ago. I was used to seeing animals die, but this time it was my own son. It was the most painful heartbreak I’ve ever experienced. What struck me the most was the huge difference in the way I felt about my son’s death as opposed to an animal’s. Since then, I began to look at every animal as my lost son.

Years ago, I was a high school dropout and couldn’t find a job. As karma would have it, I found work at Jangsa Animal Saving Trust under the guidance of Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche, the founder of the trust. I assumed work would be tedious, but with some motivation from my father, I took the job. As days went by, I started to realise how immense the animals’ sufferings were compared to mine. It sunk in me how important each action that we made was to them. Working under the guidance of Lama Rinpoche and the 84,000 teachings of the Buddha, everything started making sense to me, and I felt like layers of my bad karma and ignorance were washing off. Every minute of my life became dedicated to the cause of saving animals.

I’ve been at Jangsa for 17 years now. It is more than just a profession. It is my way of life, a spiritual journey of utmost importance. I am the manager of the trust now, having gotten trained in vet aide and animal handling along my journey. I currently live with hundreds of rescued animals in our shelter at Serbithang. Every day, we get reports of all kinds of emergencies, and we act.

Today, I am a fulfilled man. I am unable to send money to my parents but they understand my contribution in saving lives. They understand the services I make to the vast activities of Jangsa that eventually benefit all living beings. We are blessed to be born in a place where we have the opportunity to be guided in the way I was. And while we have this opportunity, I believe we must learn to be kind and love each other. Our inborn compassion connects us to one another. We must recognise that bond, and aspire to do better.”

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