Sonam Deki Retty

“I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I grew up watching Hindi movies, where you see mostly women being victimised and the voiceless being treated unfairly. Seeing that actually motivated me because I was learning about what is right and what is wrong. Another inspiration for me was my late grandfather who was a judge. I was inspired by his stories and made sure I stuck to my ambition of becoming a lawyer. His name was Retty. A name that was bestowed upon him by the Third King because of his height. Now, most of us grandchildren are also named Retty.

So, I applied to law school right after high school. I didn’t get into the one I wanted, so I had to wait for a year to reapply. That was a tough year for me. All my friends were going to college, and I just stayed at home. My Apa thought it would be best for me to do it on my own so that I could learn and be independent, but I didn’t get admission. When I didn’t get admitted, I blamed him, ‘Apa, it was because of you.’ I didn’t lose hope, and I tried again the next year. When I got admitted to the College I wanted to attend, I realised then that my father’s subtle message about being independent and trying it on my own because eventually, we have to let go of the hand that held us while crossing the road and lead our lives.

Law school went well, but I also faced one of my greatest challenges during that time. I had never failed in school before, but I had to repeat a year. More than anything, I felt like I failed my parents’ faith in me that I would do good. At that point in my life, I was trying my best to get things, but it felt like the universe wasn’t favouring me. However, I didn’t quit on myself and my dream of becoming a lawyer. I eventually graduated and sat for the RCSE right after college. Unfortunately, I didn’t clear the PE in the first round- which was another blow to my self-confidence but I didn’t stop trying and reappeared for it in 2015.

I came 6th in the RCSE technical category – which was a happy moment, especially because I wanted to do it on my own without seeking any help from anyone and it provided relief to my parents that their daughter has made it. I interned with the Office of the Attorney General(OAG) in 2016, and in that year I also did my desuup training with the 21st batch. I finally got my placement in 2017 with the OAG as a prosecutor, and am currently on deputation. Last year, I enrolled myself in the MBA course offered by Royal Institute of Management, fulfilling my dream of learning and complementing my legal career.

In 2019 I became a mother and couldn’t volunteer much as a desuup, mostly because I don’t have a babysitter and a full-time job. I don’t want to stop serving as a desuup just because I am a mother and have a full-time job, I want to be able to contribute in any manner possible. Hence, I am serving as a Facebook moderator for Olakha Zone right now- where my duty is to constantly update and disseminate information, respond to queries and calls from residents. It is a little challenging because I have a 3 years old son who requires my full attention, full-time work, and my Masters’ studies. However, I’ve been blessed with a supportive family all my life – from helping my husband and me during weekdays with our son to supporting me to pursue my love for learning”

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