“As a child, I was always terrified, lonely, and shy. I met my wife when I was in my mid-20s and after having two daughters, we separated due to my addiction. In the 25 years of addiction, I had failed as a husband and father. Every morning, I woke up to remember the place I came from, and often it left me depressed and utterly lonely – I’d attempted suicide twice.
Soon, my parents passed away and my sister was also dying right before my eyes. This was a turning point; I sought help from a friend and took the impossible path of joining a rehab in Darjeeling for 8 months. There, I learned the value of life – it started with appreciating the piece of chilli in my food. I learned to be tolerant and self-accepting and to admit one’s wrongs in life. Finally, I recovered and could join society again.

I started a Rehab centre called ‘Jurwa-The Change’. Helping others and doing good for society gave me my lost confidence in life – I started walking with my head held high. Those folks and the community who could never trust me also came around. I started getting invited to family gatherings by my relatives. However, the regrets of failing in life and feeling responsible for the deaths of my family always remained. I told myself that this is my redemption in life.

The biggest gift I got with my recovery and being clean for 13 years was the trust of the community. Jurwa’s priority is not money – we want to really help. Despite the struggle to remain afloat financially, we offer service for free to those who can’t pay. The door of Jurwa will always be open for those who want to quit and start their life again. Further, we will work for as long as it’s needed to help all – both in present and future – regain one’s respect and place in society.”
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