Sapna Monger

“I liked cooking when I was a kid. I just didn’t know that it’d become a career I’d have to take. I’m from Tsirang, where my parents are running a small business. After class 10, I left for Gelephu to work in a relative’s restaurant. I got a salary of Nu. 6000 as a cook. My first job experience was good, but I wanted to explore and experience another city. So after just 7 months, I decided to come to Thimphu. I got another job as a cook at a hotel and worked there for around a year.

The hotel owners treated me well, but the salary wasn’t too good. It was a mere increase of Nu. 2000 from my last job, and it wasn’t enough in a city like Thimphu. However, it was better than what it is now. The hotel owner had to shut down their business because of the lockdowns. All of the employees had no other choice but to leave. Since then, I have continuously tried looking for another job, but I’m still unemployed.

I did wish to continue studying, but my family couldn’t afford it. They do a lot for me and mean a lot to me. I remember when I received my first salary in Gelephu. I sent half of it to them immediately. My ultimate dream is to make them happy and succeed in life. 

I met my husband online while working at the hotel in Thimphu. We dated for a year before we decided to move in together. We both told our families and married around 7 months into living together. My husband and I are not financially stable and do not want to plan a family just yet. I don’t think we’ve received much information on family planning or sexual health, but I remember being taught a few things in school. 

My husband is a construction worker, which is a very ill-paid job too. It is difficult to sustain ourselves, especially now that he is the only one earning. But over the years, he has learned a lot about construction work. He started as a helper with almost no knowledge whatsoever, and now he can do his job without the need to depend on someone else’s help.

My personal goal now is to go for chef training. I want to equip myself with skills that’ll help me get a good job while making the best use of the talent I’ve been blessed with in cooking.”

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