“A man who works as a security guard adopted me when I was having a tough time living with my father and step mother. The most regrettable event in my life was not being able to be with my parents after their divorce when I was in second grade. Following their separation, my mother struggled to cope with the situation, and her mental health deteriorated to the point where she couldn’t even recognize her own children and that was when I went to live with my father and stepmother.
While my life has not been filled with many happy moments, one of the most rewarding events for me was getting selected to participate in @The Voice of Bhutan (VoB). This experience taught me invaluable life lessons and reconnected me with my long-lost mother and brother. They even undertook the renovation of my mother’s house. To this day, Acho Chencho continues to provide financial support to my brother and mother whenever they are in need.
Two years ago, my adopted father got half paralyzed. Despite this hardship, he remained committed to provide for me and his children. However, recently, he made the difficult decision to resign from his job. I can’t help but reflect on where my life would be today if it weren’t for my adopted parents coming into my life.
After completing my grade 12, I was selected for Dessung and have been volunteering whenever possible. I have a little brother and Acho Chencho recruited him as a monk 5 years ago. As I look ahead to my future, I aspire to secure a job and dedicate myself to serving my country. The Voice of Bhutan profoundly changed my life.
I got married this year, and it has truly been the best time of my life, as my husband understands the challenges I’ve faced. My mother, unfortunately, hasn’t fully recovered from her illness since the divorce, which occasionally saddens me. My brother is thriving as a monk, topping his class. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for my adopted parents and the VoB family, particularly Acho Chencho, whom I consider godly figures. They’ve made my life much easier than I ever imagined it could be.”


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