Sangay Thinley

“I graduated from the RTC in 2019. As His Majesty, the Great Fourth always emphasized that youth play an important part in the Nation’s future, and great responsibilities fall on us to contribute in our own ways.

With my degree in business, I wanted to try out something new on my own. In 2020, my family completed constructing a hotel space which was planned to be rented. But when COVID hit, there was no one willing to take it. That’s when I thought – why not set up a restaurant? I was new to the field but my parents supported me through the whole venture. My father with his experience in construction, helped me get ideas for setting up a restaurant.

I wanted to start a restaurant where people could come and enjoy good food and a cosy ambience. That’s how I started ‘The Cozy Corner’. Despite my lack of experience, I thought it was better to try something new rather than stay idle and waste time. Hiring 7 people so far, I feel happy to be able to create employment in the country. The pandemic was challenging; the numerous lockdowns resulted in zero income for several months. However, with the grace of God and His Majesty and the government, we were able to make it through. My restaurant is picking up pace and has been operating smoothly.

From my experience, I learned that there are enough opportunities in our country – we just have to take them. Hard work is important. Starting a business doesn’t mean that the return will be high from the start; consistency and patience matter the most. There will finally come a time when you will reach where you wished to be. The goal, however, is to always move further and explore new ideas. Relying on a single source of income is risky – life is laden with uncertainties. We never know what obstacles we will face next. It’s always better to create multiple sources of income to survive and adapt to this fast-paced modern world.”

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