“Ever since I was little, I knew that I was different. In 4th grade I came across homosexuality, & I knew that I was gay. Things got difficult. I was confused—really confused. I had a crush on a guy. I’d look into the mirror & tell myself that I shouldn’t exist. I tried to deny who I was, & it crushed me. I confessed to him, but he didn’t reciprocate my feelings. It was terrible. I later met some good friends who told me I can be whoever I want. I gained confidence. I partook in debates & speeches. By 2020, I went through a journey of self-awareness & acceptance. The more I communicated my troubles, the freer I felt. I was learning to be happy.
The difficult part was coming out to my parents. I was scared. I had started opening up to people beyond my circle of friends. They gave me strength, especially my best friends, & I owe them my life. This year, after my exams, I wrote my parents a letter. I cried reading it ‘coz I wanted to tell them so they’d understand & accept me. I printed the letter, & I was sweating by then. Even during my exam I was thinking about how it’d go.
I slowly read the letter with my mother & aunt in front of me, & my sisters beside me. No one spoke after I was done. Suddenly my sister came running & hugged me, saying that she’d love me no matter what. My other sister apologised for not knowing what I went through. & finally, my mother. I looked into her eyes & asked if she was going to say anything. She said she didn’t know what to say. She asked for my letter & I thought she was going to rip it. She didn’t. She folded it & kept it aside. She told me that no matter what, she’d never hate me. I broke down instantly. I felt free. The emotion was so intense I had to run to my friend’s place for some time. My return home was amazing because my family treated me normally. When I talked to my dad later, he told me that he always knew that I was different & regretted that I had to go through this alone.
I hope people realise that we don’t consciously choose to be gay or lesbian. It’s a choice made by our bodies in ways we don’t understand. The only thing we can do is accept. If you can love someone else unconditionally, why can’t you do so for yourself.”
This pride month with Pride Bhutan: “Celebrating Diversity”  lets’s celebrate the stories of families and allies who love without fear


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