“I am the eldest of the children. Therefore, it is my responsibility to take care of family properties like the land, house and livestock. Naturally, I dropped out of school after class 3. When I was in school, I used to enjoy learning Dzongkha. It was easy to understand. Now after leaving school, I usually spend my day looking after my newborn sister, looking after the livestock and reciting prayers at home. When I have some free time, I play games such as archery, deygor, khuru and pretend games with my friends. I got to play in the movie “Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom.” when I still went to school. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening meals we had together after the shoot each day. We would talk with each other and learn a lot. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when we were outside singing and dancing with our teacher and Yak Norbu came towards us as if he also wanted to join in on the fun.

I’ve been to Punakha and Thimphu outside of my own village. I first visited Thimphu in 2018 on a pilgrimage. I was shocked to see the number of people and the overall landscape. It was a very different world from the one I live in. Tshojong is a clean and very beautiful place. During summer, flowers bloom and make the valley beautiful. During autumn, we have new calves and we enjoy playing with them. I like it better here. The only thing I like about places such as Thimphu and Punakha is the weather. Here in Lunana, it gets very very cold during winters.

I once dreamt of becoming a teacher because I enjoy sharing what I know and talking to people. If by any chance I get to go back to school, I’ll pursue that dream. But for now, I plan to become a farmer.”


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