Sangay Dorji

“My parents got divorced when I was in class 5, and I was raised by a single mother with my three other siblings. Until class 10, I did part-time work during breaks. After that, I started helping Ama on her farm because it was our only source of income. Through that work, I have understood the value of money. I have also learned that hard work always pays off.

My mother’s only dream was to see me get a degree, and I am happy that I have lived up to that expectation. Getting into college has been my greatest achievement. I am a second-year student at Gedu College of Business Studies pursuing a BCom in Accounting. I want to secure a good government job and live happily. Being the second eldest, I feel a great responsibility, because I am a father figure to my younger siblings and I want them to see me as their role model.

We get lots of freedom in college. Sometimes I am tempted to try out substances, but I feel guilty looking at how my mother supports all of us. Before taking any bad steps, I think about the situation back home, and how the consequences will impact my family. One of the biggest supporters in my life is my girlfriend. She understands my family’s situation and helps me in every way.

During my first semester, everything was new to me, and I wasn’t able to adjust to the new environment. I wasn’t aware of the opportunities we could access, so I wasted my first semester. In the second semester, we did online classes because of the pandemic. I participated as the class representative. However, I had to help my family, so I wasn’t able to put much effort into my studies. This semester I am participating in ferric because I have a better idea of how everything works. I can cope with my studies much better than in the online classes, although I still have difficulties managing my time.

Being in college has taught me how to be independent, socialise, and manage everything independently. I feel that we should not take problems as defining our life. Instead, we should challenge them. Looking back at my life, I wasn’t able to have the exposure or experience of other people of my age, but after coming to college I feel like I can.”



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