Sangay Choden

“I got tested positive for COVID after being identified as a primary contact. The first thing that concerned me was my grade 12 board exams which were in 3 weeks. It was the worst time to have contracted the virus. I was immediately quarantined in the isolation ward for 14 days and although I wanted to prepare for the exams, my mental health was greatly affected by the situation. I didn’t expect to get the virus because a lot of symptoms were mild and I just had some minor pain in my body. Although many people worry and face discrimination when they get COVID, I was concerned about the community’s spread and the consequences it followed.

I am an avid reader. While in quarantine, I took refuge in reading because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I spent a lot of my time reading books online to keep myself occupied and distracted. Despite the situation, I think I did my exams well. I recovered a week before the exams started and received a lot of help and support from my school as well. Thankfully, I didn’t face any discrimination. My school counselor understood that I was in a situation that affected my mental health. So every now and then, I had sessions with my counselor which helped me greatly. My mother advised me not to worry as well and that I could always redo the school year if things didn’t go as planned.

Although quite nervous, I am prepared for my result. I love to study and take pride in learning. So even if the result is not up to my expectations, I have plans on pursuing further education.

I am very grateful to His Majesty the king as well as the front liners for all that they do. I have received the best possible care and services in the isolation ward. It allowed me to put in my best efforts despite the tough situation I was in at one of the major events in my life. While in quarantine, we received soelras from HM and it was the strength that I needed in my life. To those who are affected by COVID, I want to convey my good wishes and let them know that this situation will pass. From experience, I can say that there is little to worry about as long as we follow the rules and protocols that are in place to protect us.”

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