“When we were told that we would be working on the frontlines, we were terrified. It was a virus that had killed people around the world. Serving the country is our duty but it was still scary. But when His Majesty himself put himself on the frontlines, I rose to the battle as a health-worker. COVID-19 has led to excruciating discomfort to the country’s peace and prosperity. I was among hundreds to worry about what would happen next when the community outbreak was detected. Despite being equipped to fight and help it deeply worried me. We had the highest number of patients during the 2nd lockdown. There were about 30 patients in one isolation ward. We were constantly busy. When the COVID-positive patients kept on coming, we had to send them to isolation facilities in hotels that the government paid for. Luckily, with time, our interventions worked. It was fortunate that during the process, only very few of the patients experienced severe health issues.
I believe that it was the blessings of our Je Khenpo and His Majesty that worked such a miracle. Our king cared about every citizen. He provided housing and food for us. To be blessed in a dharma country with charismatic leaders, Bhutanese people have the best deal in this lifetime. I am so glad that the land has started to heal now. The dedication and devotion of the Bhutanese people has yielded the fruits of healing and happiness. Our service would not have been significant without the support of everyone who prayed. Eradicating the pandemic is not a one man effort, it is a combination of people’s dedication and service. It is working together with the same goal and looking after one another. The truth is, of course, that it is not yet over. So I will continue to stand and help for as long as it takes. And I can only hope that everyone out there will continue to be careful, cautious and mindful.”


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