“I wanted to study further. But a couple of factors including my class 10 performance, financial strain and family responsibilities kept me from it. Being the eldest in the family comes with commitments. I had 3 younger siblings who were in school and only our father to provide for us all. By the time I had completed class 10, he too was on the verge of retirement. And we all knew that I needed to take on the responsibility of the family’s breadwinner. So I decided to join a teacher training program. It was the quickest way to get a job and earn some money. I was too young to understand my roles as a teacher at the time. It was as I trained that I began to learn that this profession provided an outlet for my expressions. I’ve always felt that education plays a role in building a foundation for success later in life. It builds our personality and thoughts, and strengthens our ethics and values. At home, I’d been very well exposed to my uneducated parents’s everyday struggles. It was difficult to earn good money and they always seemed to lag behind. 


Not every student is financially privileged or comes from a happy family. Somewhere along my journey of being a teacher, I joined Mom at School so I could be a part of supporting underprivileged students in our country. With the network, we’d buy these kids school supplies and basic necessities to ensure they wouldn’t drop out at a young age. Apart from financial support, we also provide them emotional and academic support. I am now in a position where I can contribute to children in my own capacity. I understand the pain of having to miss out on things because you do not have the means to reach out for them. Now that I have financial independence and the mindset to be able to help, I want to. I hope to educate and help educate the brilliant young minds in our country. I believe that education is the step that will broaden the horizons of these young minds. All they need is for us to give them a fair chance.”


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