“After apa retired, the whole family decided to move to my hometown, Jangsa, under Jomotsangkha gewog. However, I had to stay back at T/phu with my aunt to complete high school. Around the same time, Bhutan had it’s first COVID patient & the family’s plan to settle at Jomotsangkha couldn’t happen. After my 12th, I went to my hometown where my parents lived with one of our aunts. Upon reaching, the COVID situation worsened & the national lockdown made it really difficult for us. We ran out of the essential supplies & resolved to make a kitchen garden. We also ate wild vegetables for a while until the desuungs came to supply the essentials at our doorstep.

Then on, things started to get better. Amid the chaos, I got a scholarship to study at Sherubtse. It was my dream to experience college life. For a month, classes were online at home before I joined the campus. It was a whole new experience. Having lived on my own before, it wasn’t hard adapting to this new environment.

But it was undeniably distressing when people started testing positive from Jomotsangkha & even worse when they lived merely a few blocks away from my parents’ place. Worried sick, I’d remind them timely to be cautious. It’s been a year since I last saw my parents. When my friends left for vacation, I also wanted to go home. I’d have left If it weren’t for the rising cases at Jomotshangkha. It was risky & the procedure to get there was hectic. Considering the combined time to travel & quarantine, I decided to stay in the campus. I didn’t even go to T/phu at my aunt’s.

Staying back, I was able to have my ‘me time’ working on photography & playing guitar, my most passionate hobbies. I’d started playing guitar from 5th grade & in high school, I became enthusiastic with photography. I won prizes in photography in college & earned certificates. Beside this, I even made some pocket money painting the buildings.
The year made me realize the value of time we spend with our parents & taught me to work on ourselves & hone our skills. Explore your interests & follow your dreams.”

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