“Disability to me is not the right word to label people like us. We are all equally able and gifted with intellectual abilities, just like everyone else, the only setback being our physical aptitude. I was born with severely deformed legs and since childhood I have walked on my knees. Disability and poverty is a bad combination. I come from a broken family and my mother works very hard to feed our family of 5. I am the eldest child. One of my sisters stays with my aunt as my mother is not able to support all of us.

When I was in class 7, His Majesty the King visited my school in Zhemgang and saw me. He encouraged me to seek medical attention and gave me hope of walking again with the help of prosthetic legs. Soon I moved to Thimphu and underwent a number of surgeries but unfortunately, my legs formed sores when I tried the prosthetic legs, and I had to use a wheelchair after that. However, I feel so blessed to have received support and kindness from His Majesty. It was just my ill fate that surgeries and doctors couldn’t help me. Maybe it’s a result of previous karma.

I currently live in Thimphu and with the help of His Majesty’s kidu, my mother could find a job as a sweeper. I study in class 11 in Desi HSS. Dzongkha is my favourite subject and someday I hope to become a Dzongkha Lopen. I also love to sing and I tour different schools to perform in front of students when I go for awarenesses programmes as I am a member of Nazhoen Jangsem Tshogpa. We create awareness on the benefits of vegetarianism and saving lives by not consuming meat. I am also linked with the Bhutan Paralympic committee, who helped send me to New Delhi for treatment.

I often meet people from the disabled community and we discuss our conditions. I tell them not to hide away. We have a lot of talents and abilities that the world would appreciate, it is upto us to decide what being specially abled means.”

The theme of this year’s international Day of persons with disability (IDPwD) is “Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World”.

Today on International Day for persons with Disabilities, let us create opportunities for inclusion in every sphere of life for persons with disabilities to function to their full potential.


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