Rinchen Dawa & Pem Zam

“We were classmates in high school. She was brilliant & very simple. When we resumed school after the class 10 exam, most of our classmates got separated except for the six of us, so we got closer as seat partners. It was only in class 12 that I really had a crush on her. After exams, we went on a class picnic. We’d often joke about liking each other but there I said, ‘If I said I like you, what would you do?’ There was no answer. I was sad.

Soon, she left for her village. We’d still chat. On New Year’s eve, she called me & asked if we could do the countdown together. That was her way of saying the feelings were reciprocated. We were far apart so we didn’t meet much. We’d meet once in a while when she came to T/phu. Then, she went to India for college & I went to CST. We met during our breaks. Even though we were apart, we talked & texted every day. It wasn’t easy to express all our feelings through the phone so sometimes we end up getting into arguments. Most of the time, we celebrated Valentine’s Day by sending each other texts. In college, we’d ask friends to hand over the gifts. She once asked one of our friends to buy me a cake on one of my birthdays & it made me miss her a lot. I even wrote a song to her that said ‘May the time I spend with you last forever’. I remember all these small moments because they’re special to me. Our relationship was always long-distance all this time.

We’ve been together for 8 years now. The first time I proposed, she said it was too early. I decided I’d wait till she was ready. So when she was ready to marry, I went to meet her parents on their lochoe. We got married in April 2021 & still doing long distances with her living in T/phu & I in Wangdue. Our current priority is to support our families.

Our relationship lasts because we lift each other up. We’d get each other’s help in our studies. She’d send me letters that encouraged & touched me. It feels amazing having someone who puts effort in me even over the literal mountains between us. Today is our very first Valentine’s day as a married couple. We are literally in the east & the west of the country but we are always together in our hearts.”

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