“Being the first education consultancy to provide IELTS coaching in Bhutan is my proudest feat. Till now about 5000 clients have taken the classes. The pandemic terminated our work but we did not yield easily. We gave online classes and the salary remained steady as I knew how difficult it was for my employees. Survival was our main focus. When the situation improved, we wanted to give back to society so we gave free TOEFL coaching lessons.

My academics were mediocre so my brother funded me through college. To get shortlisted, you need a 60% but to enter the job market you need above 70’s so it was hard finding a job. I sought teaching as that was my field of interest.

I taught for a year before I withdrew due to health issues. I then took the position as an education counselor at a consultancy. The payment was so low that it forced me to think of an alternative and thus my own consultancy came into being. It wasn’t easy, firstly you needed international links. Secondly, setting up an office requires investment which I didn’t have. I had to start from the bottom with what I had; an old laptop, a desk and a single chair in a 2 room apartment.

Women can achieve anything, all it takes is the strength to do so. Another obstacle is the prejudiced concept that experience comes with age. I’m often underestimated. So I hone my skills and work hard, just to prove them wrong. I don’t shy away from experiences even if it’s uncommon so I took part in the construction of the supreme court walls.

Academics shouldn’t be the only priority, there is so much more. Of Course, chasing one’s dreams is never easy, but we shouldn’t ever give up. Brace yourself for the storm and you will definitely make it. During the pandemic, despite being really distressing, it’s time to work on ourselves. Time is an asset if you know how to utilize it. We have to make mistakes, try everything and then work hard for our dreams until we achieve it.”

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