“When I was 13 years old, my brother, a hip-hop dancer, inspired me to learn. He is my best friend, and I grew up watching him practice and perform. I would wake up at 5 in the morning to practice and continue even after school. My parents weren’t supportive at the start: I wasn’t allowed to practice. I had to lie my way through and give excuses of training for the football club team or studying with my friends. As my brother and I started dancing together, they started to finally recognize it as my passion and encouraged me to do well. They understood that I was set on dance as a career.

My first show was in Phuentsholing. Since I had been practicing with my brother’s team, they took me with them. I was extremely nervous because it was my first performance. I didn’t know what to do and was scared that I would forget the moves. However, I gave it my best, and the showcase went well. My first battle was during Gokab Volume 4. Since it was my first, I was too nervous to perform well and didn’t get past the auditions. The next year, I competed in a group but we were eliminated in the semi-finals. I tried again at Gokab solo and got to the quarter-finals. During my group performance, I spotted my father in the crowd. Seeing him and knowing that my parents were so supportive turned me emotional.

Last year, my team went to perform at a bar. Some kids came and suddenly started a fight. I had partaken in the fight and it got me involved in a police case. I took the blame, hoping to let my brother’s team perform in Gokab. The case was ultimately settled, but I didn’t get to be a part of the latest Gokab showcase.

I don’t get nervous performing anymore. In fact, I feel even happier and more confident when I perform. I have started solo performances. My brother wants to open his own studio, so I want to help him with that. I am now 18 and I’ve been dancing for 5 years. Currently, I am waiting for my board exams and after that, my goal is to perform internationally and become an instructor in Bhutan. Dancing makes me feel like a dream come true. Pursue what you love even if you lack family’s full support. One day you’ll make it to the top.”



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