“Among all sports, I was most inclined towards cricket as it taught me an important life lesson;
patience. The length of the match teaches us to be patient. If we push ourselves too hard too early, we’ll exhaust all energy before the rest of the match. Sometimes the games are decided as a draw, teaching us endurance. Planning and preparation – essential skills I’ve gathered from the game.

Currently, I’m in my final year at Saint Stephen’s College, Delhi. I started playing cricket in elementary school. The first win sparked my love for the game. I learned the rules and tricks & improved my skills. I even joined clubs when I came to Darjeeling at the age of 8. My father had put me in his old boarding school. He knew the values one can learn being away from home – Self-reliance, independence, management of time, money, and resources. I’m grateful for I got to be more than just book-smart. After returning home in 2018, I played an open tournament and was named the emerging player. It got me selected for the national team.

I’m a sports enthusiast. The adrenaline rush is addicting. It’s a venue for emotional expression and an escape from real-world troubles. Sports teach you about accepting failures and working with others for common goal. For me, these lessons are more valuable than the actual trophy. I recently played a match in Nepal. It was a good start for my career.

Success usually comes during the latter part of life. I was just an ordinary student, cricket pulled me up. In the South Asian Games, I played really well. I tore my hamstrings during the finals of D20 tournaments this year, leaving me in bed for 2 months. After, I got an offer from a franchise in Nepal. They were holding the biggest league there. My dad insisted that I don’t miss this opportunity. Being paid to do something I love is so gratifying. I put huge expectations on myself as the first Bhutanese cricket player in an international team. Soon I’ll be playing in the 3rd Bhutan Tournament. I’ll then keep up with my training and coach younger players. It’s just beginning, I’m preparing myself to play in bigger tournaments. My dream is to play in the IPL tournaments, the biggest one yet.”

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