“I have lived across Wangdue, Gasa, Paro, Punakha and Dagana. We weren’t settled in one place like most people were, due to my fathers job. With each new place we moved into, I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends as well. It was an interesting experience meeting different people with different personalities even in a small community like ours. A drawback during those times was the lack of social media which therefore limited contact with others. Being a religious person, traveling was a boon for me as I get to visit sacred sites as well.

Qualifying for Sherubtse was like a dream fulfilled. I was overloaded with joy. In college, I got along with everyone. I even took up fitness and would frequently visit the college Gym. I even motivated my friends to take up fitness as well. I do it as it helps keep my body and mind fit and healthy.

Getting a 9-5 job was something I never wanted. I was an outdoor person therefore I desired something exciting and adventurous. I loved playing sports and this activity allowed me to meet people with similar interests. Three years passed within a blink of an eye and soon I graduated. After college, I was preparing for RCSC while the second nationwide lockdown happened. Instead of staying idle, I decided to serve my nation and thus joined Dessung training. Despite so many people trying to register for the training, I was fortunate to get selected. I also got the opportunity to attend the Desuung skilling programs such as ICT Foundation Course and Integrated Fitness Program. I have learnt a lot and gained a passion for fitness after joining the skilling programs. Fitness makes life easy. Fitness is being able to complete a task without getting tired, not always about bulking up which is the common notion people have. I now hope to take it to the next level.

Currently, I have completed RCSC examinations and the results are promising. I’m at a junction of decision making which will ultimately change my life.”

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