“My dancing journey started when I was in high school. I started dancing with my friends and after I completed my 12th grade, I felt dull because I wasn’t that good at academics. My parents were always worried about me because I wasn’t as smart as others. So, one day I got a scholarship from Delhi (for the dance) but my parents didn’t agree with me when I told them I wanted to pursue dancing. It was like a taboo and they were worried for me. They couldn’t let me go but I had already made up my mind. I am the youngest from my family so I could understand it was harder for them to let go of me. My mother told me that I wouldn’t earn a living through dancing. I was a stubborn girl and my father understood that it would be hard to change my mind. He then told me to follow my dreams and at that time I was filled with so much happiness and joy. Still, now they don’t openly say that they support me but they show their support in a certain way. They constantly remind me to take rest as dancing could be very tiring. Given that we don’t earn much through dancing in Bhutan, they even suggested that I go somewhere else in the world and dance as well as work.
Many people said that I can’t dance for very long as I am getting older and I was discouraged by a lot of people. But the best thing was that I never really cared about what they said. There was a day when I thought to myself that I couldn’t earn a living through dancing but I was a stubborn girl and I had a goal. I didn’t give up no matter what and as of now, I am very happy that I took dancing as my career. I have no regrets. I love dancing, teaching and travelling and I can’t imagine my life without dance. The main problem I see is that people have a notion that dancing is for kids and parties but I say it is more than that. It is a form of art and people can use this as a medium to express themselves. So, the main struggle is the mindset of people but I think it is our responsibility to change that mindset. I have seen that people are very much open to change and adapt according to it. There is no one to blame. I hope shortly, I can do something for Bhutan in terms of dancing. I have lots of plans and my ultimate goal would be performing for my King. Another problem is when you are a female and take dance as your career. They ask whether I dance in Clubs and Drayangs. That is how a female dancer is categorized. On top of that, I think we are a bit backward in decision making. Some females are making decisions and making a difference but on the other hand, most are struggling on the decision they make.
So currently the biggest struggle for me is that me being a dancer in Bhutan. People normally don’t take the heat on someone who’s into art but still, then I take pride in it and go over that stigmatization. My parents always have been by my side throughout this phase. And those people who are into art and dance always inspired me and it’s because of them that I have come this far.”


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