“The first book I read was The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. I was in class 5 and it got me interested in space. I then read other books by Hawking, along with certain fictional fantasy novels. I study in the 8th grade now and don’t really read books anymore, I read research papers. I got interested in this during the lockdown. It was difficult for me to understand the concepts in these books and papers at first but the more I read, the more I learnt. I also watch youtube videos- sometimes it’s easier to watch than read. Last year, I published my first book which is an interpretation of all the things I’ve read about physics and quantum mechanics. I’m 14 years old.
It took me over 2 years to finish my book because I’m a student. I’ve only been able to write 3 chapters for a new manuscript so far this year. I want to write a sequel to the first. I focus on schoolwork and do especially well in maths. But I’m not really a topper. I get very nervous in the exam hall and am bad at spelling. However, I never score less than a 90 in maths. I also like Geography and always wonder which of the two I’ll end up choosing in High School. I do have friends but I don’t hang out with them after school. I usually get lost in my own world once I’m home. Some would say I’m a nerd but I don’t get bullied for who I am. Instead, I find that people respect me for all the ways in which I am different from kids my age.

Other than writing, I like chess and have even won a few competitions. I also like building electronic devices. My father’s interest in the field inspired me. At a recent school science exhibition, I made a model to demonstrate how the earth rotates and revolves, and another that was an electromagnetic bell. I also wanted to make a Tesla Coil but couldn’t find the right parts for it.

I wrote my 1st book so that everyone could learn a little more about the wondrous things I was learning about. My writing journey started way before this book was ever started – with fanfictions and football stories. So when I got my first copy of the book in June last year, I was very happy and proud. It was hard work of at least 2 years, if not a lot more that the whole journey took.”


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