“Christmas is an annual festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus is believed to be the son of god. He was born to his virgin mother Mary in a place called Bethlehem about 2000 years ago. He is said to have been born on earth to bring peace, joy, happiness, and good news to all. His words and actions show us the way, the truth and the light and bring us salvation. It is a festival celebrated by many around the world on the 25th of December.

The joy of Christmas spreads throughout the month of December. We have children and others go around singing Christmas carols in people’s houses right from the start of the month. Carols are songs that either talk about the stories of Christ or about togetherness and community. People give the carollers gifts, money, and food. At home, we decorate Christmas trees with various ornaments, tassels, and stars from the beginning of December to the very end. The celebration is mainly to express our gratitude to Jesus. It is believed that Jesus also needs to be born in the hearts of people and that is why we celebrate this important event to remind people of him and his miracles. Many also celebrate New Years as an extension to this celebration. At the churches, people come together in the national dress to celebrate by dancing, performing skits, singing carols and sharing stories of god. It is a joyful occasion, and we have a feast and a wonderful gathering in honour of Jesus’s birth. The celebrations last throughout the day.

Faith in something greater has always helped people. It has brought good transformations to people’s lives. Jesus did not believe in violence and taught us to live with love. That is why, we celebrate his birthday with love, joy and togetherness.”

She is an active member at a church and offers fellowship to mothers, ministers women and has been helping the church conduct prayers for the wellbeing of our King, country and people through the tough times of COVID-19.


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