“I grew up in a middle class family, raised by my mother and grandparents. I went to school all over the country. We’d always look forward to our winter holidays, because we would be pampered, work in the fields, eat good food and watch movies on VHS. I didn’t know then that I’d become a film editor.

I studied animation and design because I loved animated films. I got my diploma in India as an Animation Specialist Programmer. The company that hired me needed a film editor, so I had to teach myself to become one. I eventually grew to love editing. The most fun part of editing is seeing your narrative come alive, but it is difficult when you do not have enough footage and your creativity is challenged.

We have very few editors and even fewer female editors in our country. However, the newness of the industry meant that I did not have major obstacles because of my gender. The only thing I had to do was study and work hard. There are very few peers I can look up to and turn to when in need; Madam Dechen Roder and Madam Karma Deki are two amazing women in the film industry in Bhutan. I often wish we had more women in different aspects of filmmaking to support each other and combat the gender disparity in the industry.

You are always kept on your toes in this industry. I am constantly learning as technology keeps changing. Editing can be a lonely process and you must be very patient, but the joy you get from your work is indescribable. It’s like seeing a thread connect and bind something so strongly it translates your sense of identity into storytelling. There are times when it becomes difficult to balance, but you need to pause and remember that life goes on.

Having worked on numerous feature films, short films, PSAs (public service announcement) and documentaries. I have already won an award for my first short animation film with my brother at the first Beskop Tshechu Award in 2011, but I dream to write, produce, direct and edit my own full feature length animation film.”


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