“I am the youngest of three brothers. My father passed away when I was 5 years old and my mother had to take care of her three sons even though she was just a housewife.

In 1996, a search party consisting of 5 monks were sent from Tibet.
They went to Sakya dagchen rinpoche and requested him to recognize a yangsi (reincarnation) of the late Buddhist Master, Polu khenpo. He visited Bhutan after the occupation of Tibet by China and passed away in Dechencholing in the late 60s. His monastery was in Kham in Tibet.

Sakya dagchen gave indications that a boy born in the rat year in Bhutan to a mother named Chimmi and father named Sonam was the yangsi of Polu Khenpo.
So, the monks came to Bhutan with the letter from him and took over 300 names. None of them were recognized the first time and they visited Bhutan again. This time, they took hundreds more names, out of which three were the main candidates.

Sakya dagchen chose me from the final names and ordered the monks to bring me to India to see him in person and confirm whether I was the real reincarnation or not. However, my mother didn’t agree to send me for two years as I was quite young and she loved me more as I was the youngest.

After two years when they came again, I was known to get sick frequently. They told my mother that maybe it’s a sign that she should let me go and fulfil my destiny.
So, at the age of 9, my mother agreed and I was on my way to India.
I didn’t know or had any idea why I was going to India.

My mother told me that we were going for a pilgrimage to India for a week and that she had booked the train tickets. The first stop was at Delhi and I was quite excited as I had never stepped outside of Bhutan before. Delhi was a big city for me and I was very excited the whole journey. But right after I set foot in Delhi, I wanted to go back home. It felt like such an energy drain in the big city and it was also dirty and hot. I missed my classmates, friends and my family.

We headed for dharamshala after 2 days, where the man who recognized me as the reincarnation was residing at that time. I remember the bus ride to dharamshala. The bus drove quite fast and I got scared but my mom made me rest my head on her shoulder and pat my head the whole night. We reached dharamshala in the morning and stayed with a Tibetan family who had connections with my monastery and village in Tibet.

After a few days, it was time for me to meet the man who recognized me. I always wondered why the monks and the Tibetan family were being so respectful towards me and I didn’t know that I was a trulku (reincarnated masters) back then. We entered one of the buildings just above the place of H.H the Dalai Lama. There was a long line in front of a room but they let us in first.

Inside the room, an old majestic looking man in a white robe was sitting on a sofa. We approached him and he put a white scarf around my neck and said “this is the boy we’ve been looking for” and patted my attendant on his shoulder. My mother was about to get up and tell the guru that she didn’t want to keep me in India and wanted to take me back to Bhutan, but the old lama, before she stood up, ordered her to sit down and to keep quiet. I still remember my mother’s face as her eyes were filled with tears and her head low. The old lama ordered us to go to the next room where his brother was staying.

In that room, I met a Tibetan lama with long hair and turquoise earrings. He had the most mesmerizing smile, that even to this day whenever I remember the smile, I feel blessed.

The lama seemed so happy. My attendant held my hair and the lama cut a piece of my hair, smiled at me and pulled my cheeks. Afterwards, I found out this man was H.H the 41st Sakya Thrizin. Right after I met my two gurus, who have been guiding me ever since, through their teachings, my head was shaved and I became the tulku of Polu khenpo, the throne holder of Polu monastery kham in Tibet. Then after Dharamshala they took me to Sikkim for my formal education and my mom left me with my Tibetan attendants and my teachers.

The most valuable life lesson I’ve learned is that Life is not a fairytale but it is filled with both happiness and sadness. As human beings we make many mistakes,we should never let these experiences hold us down or make us give up. We should learn from these mistakes, grow stronger and move on to becoming a better human being.”


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