“The truck I was in toppled over one night in 2015, leaving me with a compressed spinal cord. Just a semester away from graduating college, I had many dreams and plans. Now I am on a wheelchair. After 4 surgeries and 67 stitches on my back, I live a very different life from which I once knew. I was bedridden for almost 2 years and had to be spoon-fed, bathed and have my diapers changed.

I couldn’t accept my new reality. The doctors told me that this was my life now but I clung onto the belief that I would walk again. My parents had given 20 years of their lives for my education, only to have it all snatched away overnight. So I pushed myself to walk, failing every time. I tried, failed, cried and did it all over again. I did this religiously until one day I could no longer take it. I finally realised I was only making it worse. Moving on was not easy, but necessary. I now wondered what I could focus on. Health? Studies? Career?

I visited the Draktsho Vocational Training Centre at the end of 2017. There, I saw the displays made by students and felt a sense of belonging. My college had also finally allowed me to continue from home after numerous applications and formalities. In 2018, I resumed life. I was a traditional art student at Draktsho East, Kanglung and a final year BA Economics and Populations studies student at Sherubtse. I would attend classes at the centre during the day and do college studies at night. I had to learn to dress myself, do my laundry, cook and clean- it was a real challenge. I graduated from Sherubtse in June 2019 with a lot of help from people. The Founder of Draktsho gave a job right after. I worked hard with a lot of gratitude till the pandemic came around. Now I am waiting for the RCSC main examination.

We have everything we need to live a good life, yet most of us feel like we don’t have enough. The life you have now may have its challenges, but there is someone out there wishing they could live a life like yours.
I’m grateful to everyone who supported me and helped me remember that I still have a life to live. The support and blessings shall always keep me going.”


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