Phub Dorji Wang

“I have a small statue of Guru Rinpoche that is very dear to me. Years ago, I’d gotten it blessed while travelling from Phuentsholing to meet my daughter at her school in Punakha. I’d kept the statue on the dashboard of my car. Along the way, I felt an internal calling from this statue. It wanted me to take it to Paro Taktsang. It was quite impossible for me to take the detour as I had to be back at work the next day. But the whole journey, the statue kept prompting me to go to Paro. I refused repeatedly. When I reached Wangsisina on my way back from seeing my child, the exchange got even more intense. So I made a split-second decision and drove to Paro. The next day, I visited Taktsang, the statue with me. I had never been to Taktsang before, and now I was there having this wonderful experience because of the statue. Since then, I’ve always carried the statue with me. It has now become connected with many sacred Buddhist relics and holy neys in the country. I also took it with me to Buddhist sites in India, Nepal and Sikkim. I believe that with the blessings of this statue, I’ve been able to witness over 300 sacred relics, including Guru Rinpoche’s own hair and clothes.

I practice many Sadhanas, prayers and offerings every day. I find that they help me bring positivity to everything that I do. All my spiritual activities are done for all sentient beings. Because the self doesn’t exist in Buddhism. The Buddha Sakyamuni and Guru Rinpoche have taught us to live without hurting other living beings. For this, I became a strict vegetarian 32 years ago. I am devoted and well disciplined in my practice. I also don’t compromise on my professional work. I do believe that it is because of my spiritual activities and faith that I have been able to undertake many successful projects assigned to me. In this life, I want to practice Vajrayana Buddhism to the highest level. To achieve this, I have received almost all empowerment. So, practice is due. I want to learn and spread Buddhism as much as possible so that people are benefited. To the young people, I’d like to stress on the importance of their power as a carrier of knowledge. It is important to learn and pass on all aspects of the Bhutanese life, including the religious system and our values, for all times to come.”


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