“After spending 2 hours on a busy website to apply for the 39th batch of Desuung Training, I’d almost given up. On another try, it worked. I was overjoyed! His Majesty’s powerfully emotional address on BBS had moved the entire nation to tears. I knew I had to do my part to fight this pandemic. With much struggle, I managed to get the right training shoes and gear – The gates to Jaigaon had already been closed for months. On the very first day of the training, a supervisor scolded us for leisurely walking from the bus to the hostel. Everyday, we were reminded to drop the ‘civilian’s nonchalant attitude’ and prepare to address any possible emergencies. The first week was exhausting. I’d never engaged in such strenuous physical training before. And then, just like that, the exhaustion faded into enthusiasm. We had drills, marathons, rafting and rappelling among other thrilling activities. Every part of the learning felt important but it was on the final day while taking my oath, that I fully felt the responsibility I carried now as a Desuup. Drinking the Na Chu gave me goosebumps.

My first duty was at Phuentsholing Town. I had to go around reminding people to wear masks and maintain physical distancing. Some listened, some simply walked past. But in no circumstances, were we to use a harsh tone. Then during the first national lockdown, I worked with shopkeepers to deliver essentials. Although it wasn’t our job, we tried to help as much as we could, by even so much as sorting the things out when they came into the shop. It’s a trying time for everyone. I have my regular job as a librarian at a college, where my desuup training does prove helpful at times. I believe that my greatest strength as a woman in the position that I am in, is the patience I carry. It has helped me while doing my duty as a desuup to maintain a positive attitude towards things. Women have been strong, resilient and incredibly hard working during this pandemic. I see it, appreciate it and commend it. They have worked with the dedication of a loving mother and the resolve of a responsible citizen. There could not be a better time to be proud to be a woman.”

This International Women’s Day, we thank the women who took the most crucial roles of leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. In their own capacities as front-liners, political leaders, mothers, business-women, and social workers among others, women have shown great strength, resilience and zeal to fight against the pandemic.

Humans of Thimphu thanks every woman and sends our appreciation and respects.


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