“As a little girl, the sight of a guitar gave me butterflies. Once, my cousin brought a guitar home & I’d sneak out of the bed at night when everyone was asleep. Without knowing a single chord, I’d try to make new songs. At class 10, my love for music was no longer a secret. By an orchard near my house, with the help of a friend, I composed my first song. I was over the moon. After 12th, when I went for college shopping, I nervously asked apa to buy me a guitar. I was scared that he’d refuse. To my surprise, he took me to a shop. Nothing could describe the feeling of holding your own first guitar. Apa had made his own dramnyen once so he knew how much I wanted it.

During the break before college, I was inseparable from this object. My first boyfriend, & I wrote a song together. I also made friends who shared the same passion with me. Singer Minzung took me under her wing & trained me to perform on stage. On the 3 nights train to college, all I did was play the guitar & sing till I fell asleep.

The college campus was my oasis & every second there was spent in doing what I loved since I was little. At home during vacation, it became a routine to release a song that I wrote in college. Some got popular but I’ll be back to college & I never knew how it felt to be recognized for my music.

After graduation, I started working at a firm. Apart from some rare gigs at a pub, I just couldn’t afford time. One day, when I saw my peer do a wonderful show in the clock tower, I broke down in tears. I was filled with appreciation for them & on the other hand, my music suffered in this corporate world. Hopeless, I’d cry at night.

Finally, I quit my job to do music full time. My biggest worry was how I’d pay my bills. I performed day & night at different clubs & gave it my 100%. Soon, my schedules were packed with bookings. Money seemed even better than a 9-5 job but most importantly, I was at my happiest.

I’ve written around 15 songs & 8 of them have been released. The pandemic brought an end to shows & for a time being, I work as a sales girl in a shoe store. I had my fair share of success in a short period & even now, I still love music like my younger self.”

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