“As a child, my mother passed away and my dad started drinking, leaving me in the care of my elder brother and sister. Despite their lack of enthusiasm for education, I eagerly volunteered to attend the school. It was then mandatory for every household to send one child to the school.
In the third grade at Wanakha Community School, I had the opportunity to request the then, Education Minister, Lyonpo Thinlay Jamtsho while on his way to visit Haa for a primary school in our village. Despite the hesitancy of the elders and teachers, I gathered the courage to make the request when I was 12 years old, and it resulted in our village receiving a primary school. Otherwise, traveling to another school was next to impossible as our parents were so poor.
While studying at the same school, a chance encounter with His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wangchuk, the 26th Paro Penlop changed my life. I continued my further studies in Haa and later at Bajothang High School under the patronage of His Royal Highness, where I completed my schooling.
I then served as a Personal Assistant to His Royal Highness for the next eight years. During my tenure at the palace, I travelled across the country and to more than thirty-six countries that opened my eyes to the world for which I am forever indebt to His Royal Highness.
My dream was to pursue further education, and I secretly enrolled in a diploma program after office hours, securing the top position upon completion. I later received a scholarship to study at a university in Thailand.
During my college years, I faced a challenge when a flood swept away my belongings. With limited financial resources, I endured six months of hardship surviving on roasted rice (zaw), instant noodles and taro but ultimately graduated with first honors in Bachelor of Aviation. Despite an opportunity to go as an exchange student to USA, I declined it to return to Bhutan.
Sadly, my wife left me when I returned to Bhutan, which led to a deep depression lasting over a year. Job searching proved fruitless, and I relied on the kindness of genuine people for their support, especially my nephew, who hosted me over a year. I had to sell my only possession sershay gho (silk gho) and MacBook laptop to find my daughter’s school in one of the private schools in Thimphu.
It was then my college professor and mentor from Thailand happened to check on me and encouraged to pursue a master’s degree with a partial scholarship in Thailand. I worked multiple jobs to make it happen. And finally, completed my master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Management from Thailand.
After completing my studies, I worked for a British Company in Thailand and later obtained a managerial position at Bhutan Isuzu Motors in Bhutan. I then married my second wife, who has been a pillar of my life. Subsequently, I ventured into business consulting firm and helped several entrepreneurs realize their dream of setting up a business. I also worked for a driving school as a training director and have trained over several hundred drivers.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I attended online classes and kept myself busy. I attempted to start an IT shop and agricultural machinery supplier which later had to sacrifice for my close friend. However, I shifted my focus to education consultancy, and today, I proudly operate SherigX Education Consultancy and Placement Firm creating job opportunities and assisting underprivileged students in achieving their dreams.
Me and my team focuses on quality over quantity, and we had a high success rate in placing students abroad. I may not earn in millions, but I am very happy when my students are doing well abroad and helping their parents back home.”


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