“Food always brings people together. I remember enjoying the delicacies my mother prepared for our family. It got us through a bad mood, and any hard day. Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces and the delicious food on our plates inspired me to take up cooking. I found a lot of joy in it, and was eager to explore new tastes. Cooking became my life’s passion, a creative outlet for my abilities. So when the time came for me to pick a career, I naturally went into culinary arts. After graduating from Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism, I went to Thailand to learn more. Later on, I did culinary training with a diverse group of people in Beijing, China. Before going to China, I had a few job offers which I turned down. I wasn’t sure why but later on it became much more apparent. I was waiting to be introduced to Chinese cuisine.

I had always admired every aspect of our Bhutanese lifestyle and culture. The simplicity of Bhutanese cuisine is different from the rest of the world. I had a dream to travel the world and experiment with new recipes which were fundamentally Bhutanese but had a hint of other rich and well-known types of food. When I went to China, I was living my dream. I came to see what Chinese cuisine was actually like. This first-hand experience helped me come up with a blend of Bhutanese and Chinese food, and I am hopeful that the people who taste it will like it. Along my journey I also had the rare opportunity to prepare food for the Royal family members. Her Majesty the Queen Mother also granted me an opportunity to train her cook. The praises I received and the trust they showed me greatly inspired and motivated me to do even better.

Although I am a full-fledged chef today, I feel that my utmost talents and capabilities are yet to be known. I am determined to get there soon. I hope to learn from professional chefs around the world and perfect the art of cooking. I want my food to bring happiness into the lives of people I come across. Just like it happened in my childhood.”


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