Pema Tshering Tamang

“I was diagnosed with tinnitus in 2008. Tinnitus is a frustrating hearing issue, including the horrendous perception of sound, minor hearing loss, anxiety, depression and stress. Despite regular checkups and medication, my tinnitus has shown no sign of recovery. I have travelled far for treatments but it feels like a waste of time and money. Doctors say tinnitus doesn’t have a cure, but that people eventually adapt to it.

As the youngest child, I was often alone at home. My brother and sister were abroad and my mom spent most of her time in our village. My dad worked in forestry and was regularly on tours. Household chores were piled on me, but I failed to handle them. I grew wild and stubborn, and my health issues added fuel to the fire. Looking back now, it seems like a blessing in disguise. I learned a lot of lessons as a young, insecure kid.

I didn’t qualify for college in 2016 so I spent some time at home. 2017 also wasn’t a good year, and I spent my time in counselling with expert psychiatrists. By then, my dad had retired and settled with my mom. My brother completed his university abroad as well. I decided to work hard and try again, and I qualified for a BA in English Studies at Sherubtse. I won many academic awards and even received His Majesty’s appreciation for academic excellence.

The pandemic has been rough. My parents were outside the country and I couldn’t visit them. I went through a really rough time as my dad passed away and I couldn’t attend his funeral. However, I feel blessed to have found strength in my amazing classmates and lecturers. The memories of these people who were with me at my worst may fade over time, but will always have a special place in my heart.

Now, in my sophomore year, I am trying my best despite my tinnitus. I am a member of ‘Project Draktsho,’ which helps children with disabilities. I hope to finish my Master’s and change society’s mindset that people with disabilities cannot do great things. I dream of becoming an advocate and teacher so I can break down stereotypes and be an inspiration to those who think life is not fair. The world needs a lot of heroes. Why wait for one when you can become one?”

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