“During my childhood, I aspired to be either a teacher or a fashion designer. While I wouldn’t claim to have fully realized these dreams, I believe I’m on the right path, with much more to achieve. One of my most joyous moments was attaining my fashion designing certificate upon completing my training. My childhood was a delightful period, marked by the presence of many siblings, and I happen to be the youngest in the family.
I was studying at a business College but had to take a break due to health issues. When I was about to return to college, I found a fashion designing training program. I chose to pursue this training instead of going back to college, even though I initially wanted to study fashion abroad after completing my tenth grade. My parents were hesitant due to my age and concerns about my ability to support myself.
At present, I’m fulfilling orders primarily from acquaintances, with a significant portion coming from individuals heading overseas. Many of these customers are interested in acquiring traditional jackets or personalized clothing as souvenirs. Once I’ve completed these orders, I invest in new fabrics and craft my unique designs.
The most challenging period of my life occurred during a six-month illness when, despite being in the company of my family, I grappled with anxiety. I found myself unable to communicate, eat, or even walk, and I carried the heavy feeling of burdening my parents, who tirelessly cared for me. I longed for the cheerful person I used to be.
Even those closest to me were taken aback by my anxiety, given my reputation for being consistently cheerful and pleasant. I used to think that anxiety and despair were exclusively the companions of unhappy individuals, but I’ve since discovered that anxiety can unexpectedly touch anyone’s life.
I’m truly content with my life at this moment, and I would confidently declare that I’m living the best life ever, thanks to the experiences I’ve had and the path I’m pursuing while chasing my dreams.
I never gave up on my dream of being a fashion designer. While progress may be gradual, I’m fully aware that I haven’t achieved the same level of success as some other designers. Currently, I’m operating without external funding.
Despite the advice from many who suggested obtaining a bank loan to establish a fashion house, I’ve chosen to forgo loans in favor of accepting orders and generating profits from them. I acknowledge that my present income is modest, but it’s enough to sustain me, and I value the independence and financial stability it brings.
My hobby served as both my inspiration and my dream since I was interested in sketching the dresses, paintings, also to make new things, decorating rooms and making paper dolls and outfits for it.”
“Behind every stitch, a dream unfolds. Let’s weave together support for our young talents. One thread at a time.”


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