“I once used to work for a club. But I always wanted to go out into the world and learn as much as I could about dancing.

I had bigger dreams so I made up my mind to go to Mumbai. I put up the resignation letter to the club office but the club owner didn’t want me to go. He kept me for like about a month and then he finally released me from his club. My salary was Nu.10,000 and I had to pay half the amount as rent and a few thousands for fooding and clothing. I was left with only Nu. 3000 and I had a plan to go to Mumbai and join a dance lesson there.

After a few days, my friend and I travelled towards Phuntsholing as we heard some rumors that there was a studio in Jaigaon that helped dancers and sent them to Mumbai if they did very well. I googled the Jaigaon Dance Studio and went there to work towards our dream. I had no one in Phuntsholing but my friend’s sister lived there so we stayed there. The Nu.3000 which was supposed to take me to Mumbai finished within a week of my stay at Jaigaon. There was no way to move forward.

My hair used to be very long then and because it was back in the year 2015, people judged us to be ‘Alu Tramaship’ or ‘Gunda’. Movies have influenced people to judge people with long hair as ‘Gunda’. The house owner started judging me by my looks and he gave gave my friend’s sister two options; to either leave the house or to send me put. I understood the situation and left the house as I didn’t want my friend to be in a thick soup.

I had nowhere to go, and I roamed aimlessly through the streets of Jaigaon, across the Chinese line and Sale Bazaar. Fortunately, I bumped into a friend of mine below Chinese Line. He said that I could live with him and as he was working for a Drayang, I thought that I could choreograph at the Drayangs. They accepted me and paid me Nu.500 for every dance that I choreographed for them. I could complete 6 songs in a week which would give me about 12K per month but that amount was not enough to take me to Mumbai. One night I received a call from my old club’s manager saying that he was opening a Club. He said he wanted me there and promised to pay me Nu.12K a month. I then came back and worked for various clubs and companies till the end of 2017.

I now work as an Dance Instructor at Bhutan’s only Dance Studio. I couldn’t travel to Mumbai but I am living my dream now and am happy working here. The only advice that I’d give to everyone is that, if you think you can do it, always put in the effort. You don’t have to prove things to everyone but make sure you prove to yourself in life. If there’s an action, there is always a result.”


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