“I miss my parents. Although I wanted to stay back home in Tshojong and look after my father, who has a drinking problem, my family told me to go. My elder brother is with my mother, looking after the yaks and doing field work. I’ve been staying with my father since my parents separated when I was 3 years old.
I am now the class captain in class 6 at Hedina boarding school. We get radish, spinach, potato, and my favourite cabbage here at the school. It is all thanks to the green houses we have here- an idea from Azha Nyondhay and Sir Dorji.
Before I got the part in the movie Lunana: A yak in the classroom, 6 of us kids met Acho Pawo and were asked to sing the song from the movie “Ham Chewi Zamling.” I was then selected for the role. My dream is to be a singer and an actor, so when I got to be in the movie it made me really happy. My father bought us gifts, he gave me a kira and a doll. Before the start of the shoot, acho gave me a kira and a tego, toys and some money too. Acting gave me confidence and taught me to give my all in anything I do. Sometimes I get sad when my father comes home drunk but now he is trying to stop drinking so I am proud of him. It gets really cold here in the mountains. It is bad for the livestock and for us too. I have been to Punakha once and it is much warmer there. I even saw a vehicle there for the first time in my life. I would like to go to Thimphu so that I can sing. I wish for people to stop drinking alcohol and smoking because it creates a lot of problems.”
Pem Zam, the adorable girl with shiny eyes and rosy cheeks from the movie, “The yak in the classroom” by Pawo Choyning Dorji has garnered a lot of attention with her innocence. She hails from Tshojur in Lunana, a valley high in the mountains. She told me what she loves the most is a baby doll that too, pink in colour. She loves reading story books such as snow white and sleeping beauty. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said a singer and an actress. Then I asked her to sing and she sang me the patriotic song ‘Kupar’ by Tandin Sonam with much enthusiasm.


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