“I was born into a middle-class family of 5 siblings, the youngest of whom had passed away. All my siblings were in school while I was ordained as a monk at 6 years old. When my monk tutor left for retreat to Mongar Kadam, I persuaded my parents to enroll me in school. At the age of 9, I was in class PP along with my younger brother. The financial burden on my parents was heavy with all children in school so we decided to work to cover individual expenses.

The only work available was picking oranges and transporting them to Serzhong- village, 10 kilometers away from my village. I was paid Ngultrum 150 in a day for transporting twice. A single load was at least 160 pieces of oranges. In the hardship of working and studying, I found something that gave me solace. It was stories and poetry. In class 4, I wrote my first poem titled “Happy teacher’s day”. I’d discovered my dream, it was to become a writer. To keep my interest alive, I maintained a Facebook page. I continue to work part-time jobs during vacations to support myself on this journey. Keep going till you find what you like and then do everything you can to achieve that goal. That’s what I’m doing.”

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