“I did a year-long chef’s training after class 12. I interned at Namgay Heritage Hotel and eventually started working there. Unfortunately, Covid struck, and like thousands of others, I was without a job. I applied for His Majesty’s Kidu, and with the first Kidu salary, I bought hotpots and started Ramen Bhutan.

I was always interested in vlogging, and with many Covid lockdowns where you have a lot of free time, I practised on becoming a one-man vlogger. I am very grateful to the 27,500 friends who follow my journey on YouTube. And a shoutout to all of you who also stick around me on IG.

Just before 2021 National Day concert, Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen and HRH the Gyalsey graced our rehearsals. After our performance, we had lined up to see off Her Majesty. The car stopped, Gyalsey came out and asked to take a photograph with me. Gyalsey wished me all the best for the big day. I was on top of the world. I couldn’t even sleep that night.

2 days before National Day, His Majesty the King and the entire Royal Family graced our final rehearsal session, to encourage all the artists and to wish us luck for our main performance. After the rehearsal, Her Majesty told me that Gyalsey wanted to visit my restaurant.

3 weeks later, His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, and HRH Gyalsey visited Ramen Bhutan. I was both excited and worried, especially since my restaurant specialises in live cooking (by me). After welcoming, I began cooking and started by introducing the dishes. I was super tense and I think Her Majesty noticed and told me not to be nervous. I smiled under my mask, and after that, I managed to cook well. I made chicken soup ramen for Gyalsey since the regular ramen is very spicy. For Their Majesties, I served normal hotpot.

That was Gyalsey’s first time visiting a restaurant. It was a true blessing being able to cook for my king and queen, and my future king. And it was a very special feeling because the hotpot pot used for cooking was bought by Kidu money His Majesty had given us to support us through the pandemic. I thought about how in Bhutan, anything is possible if you work hard. I felt most satisfied with my life. I never even dreamed of having such a chance, but now I am so blessed and inspired.

After the visit, I opened up the package Gyalsey gave me. Inside, among other gifts was a mini Swiss knife. It was Gyalsey’s favourite knife. On this special day,

I would like to wish our precious Gyalsey a very happy birthday.”


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