“I moved to Thimphu from a rural place in class 7. The level of exposure that my new schoolmates had was very different from my own. I took it as a challenge to improve my english language skills. I’d do call-ins at the radio programs. Then, my father passed away when I was in class 10. I couldn’t complete my mid-term exam because I had to go to his funeral. That year, I somehow completed the rest of my exams and managed to just pass. I wouldn’t, however, make it to a High School. We were a total of 6 kids in the family.

The first job I got was that of a sales boy. The whole time I continued calling into radio shows. I soon got to be a youth volunteer at Kuzoo FM for a few months. I also joined Centennial radio as an English RJ. The salary, however, was very less. My mother was very sick and needed a constant supply of oxygen. It was hard to sustain. But instead of looking for another job, I continued working with passion. Over the years my salary increased. This job also brought me the rest of my education – with scholarships, I completed class 12 and college. And then in 2019, when I was in dire need of a new job, an old history teacher of mine asked if I’d come teach in India. That’s what I am doing now.

But before this, I had a wife. Our baby was about 8 months old when I fell sick. My limbs had major deformities all of a sudden. I had end-stage diabetes and was in the hospital for 1 month. It got so bad that I even attempted suicide once. But my brother saved me and that’s when I decided to make it through this. I went for physiotherapy regularly. I still cannot walk like I used to. But I don’t want to be dependent on anyone. My wife and I are separated and the only person close to me is one of my brothers. He too has his own family and although he’ll be there for me if I ask, I don’t want to be a burden. It’s tough, I fall sick a lot; the last time was when I came back to India from home this August. I was in the ICU for a while. I now take regular insulin injections.

I have the genetic type of diabetes, but you can prevent it from happening to you. Exercise regularly and eat healthy. I can no longer eat or live like you.”



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