“I was really fond of filming and photography since childhood but couldn’t pursue it for many reasons. Like any other child, I spent most of my time in school and couldn’t find a separate time to follow up on my interests. I did not own a cell phone back then so learning photography was beyond question. It was only years later when I got into a 4-months photography course that I could finally groom my passion. After the training, I got recruited as a project research assistant at the office of the Royal Tutorial Project. My primary job was to assist in the production of educational TV programs. This allowed me to apply the techniques I learned so far and gather valuable things about filming and editing from my colleagues. I even discovered an interest in photographic designing and started adapting skills from online sources. The job taught me more valuable things than I can ever pen down. It was indeed a wonderful experience for me.

After the end of my contract, I started freelancing. As any freelancer would be able to relate, I faced certain challenges. Sometimes people wouldn’t pay me properly after a long day’s work. I tried my best to give clients their money’s worth but the notion that photography is just pointing a camera and clicking was a barrier. But I am glad I did not let all this discourage me because the truth is I still got to work with some amazing people who valued my work. I am also now a licensed freelance photographer and a part of the Journalist Association of Bhutan. It took me 3 years of photography to get here. I do know that my journey doesn’t stop here so I am excited to explore what lies ahead. I enjoy learning and will continue to pursue new skills and experiences.

I find that we often tend to focus on the obstacles on our way or the people who stood as hurdles instead of the good things and the helping hands instead. Optimism takes us farther than we could ever imagine, as it has done to me with photography. My line of work is my biggest passion. There is a different charm in waiting patiently behind the camera, to capture moments and expressions. It makes me feel alive.”


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