Nima Wangmo

“As one of the eldest of 6 siblings, I was looked after by my cousin and his wife during most of my school years. After the 12th, I couldn’t get into any government college. Though I did receive a scholarship in Bangladesh thoughts of my siblings and burdening my parents dissuaded me. I applied to the RIM instead and did my diploma in national law.

During my internship, I got pregnant and couldn’t opt for a career in the legal system. In 2016, I applied at the BDBL as a customer care operator. At 21, my son was born. During the delivery, I nearly had to undergo a c-section when my water broke before the labour which led to dehydration.

After that, I kept trying for a Legal position and finally, at my 3rd trial, I got in as a legal assistant. However, in the same year, I got divorced too. The risk of depression loomed over me, had there not been the support of my parents and friends. In 2020, I got transferred to samtse. The absence of any friends in a new place and the lockdowns made it a tough year for me.

In 2021, there were 2 scholarships by BDBL. Over 33 people applied, most of whom were my seniors; I had no hope but I got it anyway. My parents were overjoyed with the news. I got into Gedu college where the amount of studying overwhelmed me. I realized what people said about a college being fun was not true. Moreover, transitioning from a working mother to a student overnight was really challenging for me. Some of my juniors from school were now my classmates. Sometimes, the students would even mistake me for a lecturer.

Sometimes, I feel guilty for not being there for my son. Otherwise, I don’t have any regrets; in life, everything happens for a reason. If possible, I want to still work at BDBL, for they gave me the big chance to continue my education. If I’m given another opportunity I want to take that too. Don’t let any opportunities go unattended – small or big. People are not necessarily bad or hard to handle, it’s how we deal with them. If we share our kindness to others even in our bad times, we will be surely rewarded and in the end, it’s our parents that will be there for us to hold our hand in any difficulties.”

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