“I stayed in Bhutan Football Federation Football Academy from 2012-2016, then afterwards got selected for the Senior Bhutan National Team along with my friend Choklay. I joined Thimphu City Football Club and in the same year won BOB League and Thimphu league and thereafter stayed with Thimphu City FC only.

In 2019, we had a World Cup 2022 Qualifiers match with Guam where I assisted and my friend Tshering Dorji, who scored a goal and won by 1-0. Right after the game we travelled to Guam for the away match, which took about three days of travel. We spent a night in Bangkok, and even proceeded with our training. The weather was alright and it lasted for one and half hours. How-ever the real trouble came during the real match. The weather was not on our side as the heat became unbearable, and I believe this could be one of the reasons we lost to the other team. But for me, my injury pulled me back from giving my best in the game. After the second half of the game, I was taking the ball from the center to the post when suddenly the other team’s left defender and defensive midfielder ran towards me and I crashed onto them, leaving me seriously injured. I was determined to carry on with the game despite my injury, but the pain was too much, I couldn’t even put my feet on the ground.

While coming back, we stayed in Bangkok for two nights and our team Physio suggested I carry out an x-ray and later on found out that my bone had been fractured. This caused me to miss a lot of matches during the last season. Then in 2020 I decided to have a surgery, for that was the only way to play again. After the surgery I had to rest for about 7 more months. I now have rehab sessions with our BFF Physio, Ata Sonam. It’s been 2 weeks since the rehabilitation and I am feeling great again and I owe it to all the people in BFF and Thimphu City FC for taking care of me. Especially Ata Sonam, who is a brilliant man and a wonderful support who helped me get through all the hardship. Now I am completely healed and I am gaining back my confidence as well. Soon enough I will be back in the field doing the one thing I love. I hope that I can be back on the field in the next season.”


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