“I was a huge fan of the Brazillian Ronaldo and loved watching his matches. I started playing too in dreams of becoming like him. Of course, my family was against me taking football as my career. But when I didn’t qualify to study in the government school after class 10, I was selected for the under-18 Youth National Team and they offered me a scholarship in a private school. This helped change my family’s mind about football. After completing high school, I played for many clubs. I spent so much time playing football that I knew I had to make a living out of this sport. But I know that players didn’t earn much. So I decided to become a coach for aspiring players instead. I was sent to Samdrup Jongkhar as the Dzongkhag coach. There, I found many talented players whom I was able to train and get into the National Academy. There were 5 girls and 4 boys. Some of these girls are now playing in the senior National Team and I am so proud of them. It brings me so much joy. After 4 years, I was appointed as the under-15 Youth National Team coach for boys. I then got the amazing opportunity to serve as an assistant coach and participate in an International Tournament in the Maldives where we played the finals against Latvia and were runners-up. I continue to coach young and talented players in the country.

A coach doesn’t have set working hours. If a player isn’t as strong, we have to invest extra hours of training for them. I don’t have a lot of free time but I try to look for opportunities to advance my skills and teaching techniques. I want to give my players the best learning opportunity. My ultimate dream is to lead the National Team to the world cup qualifier and become the youngest coach to do so. I know it is a big dream but this keeps me motivated. Football has given me so much joy and success. Now as a coach I want to give it back to this sport and help others experience the same.”


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