“I came across an audition call & that’s how I got into movies. Working in a travel agency, I’d taken a gap year after high school & was considering college. When I got selected for the lead role, I chose acting over studies. It has always been my dream to be an actor. However it came at the cost of my other dream- college. But I knew I’d do better in front of the camera than in a classroom. I do hope I go to college someday though.

My mother & brothers are abroad, and I live here with my youngest brother & cousins. Like others in my family, I wish to travel & work overseas someday. For now, my focus is on acting. After my debut, I got to work in 2 more movies which will be out soon. I’ve also been in short films & a few ads. Apa was a big support & I regret not being able to do much for him. He passed away in 2017 from an uncertain cause. Often children from divorced families tend to deviate from expected paths & get carried away. I was strong enough to resist that. In fact, it helped me mature early in life & become independent.

I used to think actors must have an easy life. But it takes a spine of steel to be in the film industry. Criticism & negative attention are an everyday matter. The initial days were tough where I’d cry often but I got used to it. Actresses are labelled as “Kiti” & some try to take advantage of the fact that we’re mere women to them. The bricks thrown my way became a stepping stone & I fought with courage & dignity.

Acting to me is more than a job, it’s a passion that brings joy & solace. I remember doing projects in less time than what they are supposed to take. Our paychecks would vary a lot based on seniority or the directors.

In life, we shouldn’t be hasty at making decisions. Once you make a decision, you have to stick with it, whether you like it or not. Which is why, weighing each pros and cons should be the first step before you do anything.”

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