“As a group of youngsters, dancing was all that me and my friends wanted to do. Nothing in the world made as much sense to us as dancing did so we started a dance studio 6 years ago. The journey that has led us here started when I joined a boy dance group in high school. This ignited a strong passion for dancing in me and I made a decision then to pursue my passion instead of going to college. My group of friends and I were known to gather and practice dance together in the streets and in front of buildings in the busy town area. I was definitely living my dream, but doing this out in the open was far from the ideal setting to live this dream in. As our group grew larger, with members from diverse backgrounds, we had new ideas coming in. Some suggested that we form a dance team while others said we should open our own dance studio. In 2015, we were finally able to mobilise and find a place for a studio. We furnished it to look like the dance studios we had seen only in movies. Now we are doing what we love in a safe and amazing place that is our very own.

Apart from dancing, I picked up a passion for filming and editing along the journey. With no professional training, it was an endless process of self learning and exploration. I took active roles in the filming of our own dance videos. The others in the group discovered their own talents and passions: some were getting good at mixing sounds and making new music, while others developed administrative and finance skills. Each of us at the studio have our own stories of struggle. I, however, am extremely lucky to have a supportive mother. If I ever spend a considerable amount of time without dancing, she gets worried and asks why I haven’t been dancing. For her, activities like these are the best way to keep her kids away from bad practices.

Dancing has countless benefits. It helps keep us mentally focused and strong. When I am in a room with the music on I forget all my worries. The body feels the rhythm of music and an energy that it tries to imitate in the form of a dance. This is a moment of peace and meditation which many don’t get to experience due to their hectic and busy lives. Although the physical benefits are obvious and known by all, dancing is a real treat for our mental health. I am glad I have it. ”


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