“I had a difficult time balancing my studies & my dance. Dancing wasn’t in my parents’ plan for me. They weren’t keen on it & they also wanted me to accomplish a career through academics. In class 10, my mom & brother scolded me to stop dancing. I cried a lot because dancing was an art for me & it helped me deal with everything. That day, I felt like I could never do anything with my dancing. I thought my life had ended. But that was also the day that I swore to practice more & never let anyone discourage me.

I stood in front of my parents & promised to study well if they allowed me to dance: It was a bargain to which they agreed. I approached ‘Gokab’ & met Pushpa, a friend who allowed & encouraged me to grow. I met & learned from people who were amazing dancers. Most importantly, I got inspired. Pushpa still continues to help me with my struggles because as a dancer she understands what I go through.

My career was to study & my passion was to dance. Choosing between them was a battle. I questioned myself every night, I cried over it. But I believed in myself. & decided to handle both. When it comes to studies, I always had bad marks but I put an effort into it, especially since my middle school biology teacher inspired me. In class 12, my marks were not good but I still got into college. This was a chance for me to redeem myself.

I made a strict timetable to balance learning dance & studies. When you love something, the effort comes naturally. As a nurse, I had to push myself to the limit to achieve what I could.
During the time of “Gokab, Volume 6”, when I was in class 12, the exams & the program were at the same time. It was a platform for dancing & I wanted to try it. With all the stress I sent in a video which I thought wasn’t very good. But fortunately, I got selected during the auditions. That was the first battle I won. It was a huge step for me as a beginner & I was proud of myself for doing it.”

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