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“I didn’t go to school although I wanted to. I was a girl and the eldest so I was expected to help at home. When I was a teenager, I left for Genekha to babysit 2 kids for a salary of Nu. 1000. I sent some home and saved the little I could for myself. After 3 years of babysitting, I decided to leave. My employers were kind people but I wanted a life of my own. My father had gotten a job as a PWD worker with help from my previous employer and my whole family now lived in Dechencholing. I moved back in with them.

I got married soon after that. As a young, newly married woman I was uncomfortable talking about sexual health and didn’t know about family planning. Not knowing that I had gotten pregnant, I took medicines to relieve bodily discomfort that led to a miscarriage and a week at the hospital. Telling my parents was awkward but they were there for me. I got pregnant and gave birth to my daughter after the miscarriage. But I must say that prenatal and postnatal care is still unfamiliar to me. I even kept working as a gardener until I was 9-months pregnant with my second child.

I’m worried about getting pregnant again. I’ve tried a few contraceptive measures. Injections caused a lot of weight gain, oral contraceptive pills gave me permanent acne and even IUD caused discomfort. Condoms are the best option right now. My husband and I discussed getting a vasectomy but the hospital says we are too young for a permanent measure. However, I am lucky because my husband is respectful of me in our sexual relationship.

After our son was born, I suffered financially. Everything costs money and I didn’t have a job. I wanted to make it through this so I started a shop with some money I borrowed from friends, family, and my husband. My shop sells doma the most and 8 months since its opening, it is still repaying the money I borrowed.

 Through experiences, I can proudly say that women can do anything. Even though I am illiterate, I feel as capable as a man. I want my daughter to study well. It would be the greatest blessing to see my kids live a successful and independent life. I also want education for myself. I would love it if someday the opportunity were to present itself.”

Humans of Thimphu with RENEW celebrates the women who are the heroes of their own stories and women who face difficult trials and tribulations in life. #SheDecides and no one can stop her!
Day 2 to countdown for International women’s Day.


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