“Everything was fine the night before, but in the morning, I had lost my vision completely. My parents screamed in panic. They asked if I was joking. I told them that I just couldn’t see anything. For the next 3 months, I tried to accept the fact that I’d be blind for my whole life. With the help of a walking stick I went around the village. When I was confident enough, I went to the forest alone and tried to tell apart the dry woods from the fresh ones. At that time, my only goal was to find my way and not fall off a cliff.

After being under the care of my parents for a while, I decided it was time to leave home and see the world. So, I left for school in khaling. Studying for 3 years, I developed a passion for singing. My peers were a huge inspiration. Then, I decided to join a drayang and sing for a living. It wasn’t bad. Life went on and I sang on the stage on request and made enough to survive. However, I still knew I could do something more. When the opportunity came my way, I trained in a spa. People were generous and I was given a scholarship.

Afterwards, I worked 2 jobs. By day, I was a masseuse, and at night, I performed on the stage. That’s when I met my wife. One night, she saw me perform in the drayang. I fell for her the moment we talked and somehow, I managed to get her number. Her family gave us their blessings and a year later, we had a daughter.

After covid, both the drayang and spa were almost out of business. To make end’s meet, I started giving door-to-door massage services. My clients ranged from normally-abled people to stroke patients who suffered from paralysis. I made it my life’s goal to see them recover. Their limbs start with being as stiff as wood, and after a week of massage, some can bend their joints. Slowly, they’d show a lot of improvement.
In the last few years, I have known the ways around Thimphu like the back of my hands. I can walk from Babesa to Motithang, to the hospital and to Lanjophaka all by myself. Apart from new drivers to those who drink or do drugs behind the wheel, nothing scares me from walking alone on the road. To get to my client’s place, I just need their address and I never miss an appointment.”


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