“I wrote one of my most favourite songs for my beloved late grandmother. It was in dedication for her compassion towards people and animals, especially her cow Phung Karmo. As a little boy in primary school, I’d borrow the black-and-white phones from my elders to create melodies for Bhutanese songs. I felt an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness after creating a melody and made everyone listen to it. The first musical gear I bought was a toy piano. Then, my brother got a guitar, which I used it more than he did. I learned the chords from my father and started practising songs. The breakthrough came when my brother brought home a software which allowed us to record our voices over musical tracks. Thus began my journey into music production.

I wrote songs about everything under the sun. I was soon allowed to audition for a show on BBS. They liked what they heard. After gaining confidence, I started a band with two of my friends. Sadly, we had to disband as we moved away for college. Then, one of the best songs I’d ever written got a free recording offer from a studio. I was thrilled! But they stole the song and gave it to another artist. It was featured in a movie and I had no way to claim it. This discouraged me alot at first. But then I learned what the blessing was in that incident. I learned to record songs on my own. Some good people gave me professional recording equipment. Everything pieced together to bring me where I am today. In college, I met supportive people who further encouraged my music. Today, I’ve written over 100 songs. Some of which, I’ve released on my own while others have been sold to artists. Many still remain in the book where I write my songs. A few highlights of my songwriting journey are my songs Jatshen, Shing Ghi Lhamo, Namkhai Meto, Paar, Nga, Tshomen, Yar La Aee, and Tsompapo.

I ask you to light that fire of passion inside of you. It shall burn every obstacle you face. Life is not one big chunk of goal we have to fulfill but every little speck that we collect over time to build an empire.”


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